Marjan liked to believe the old stories of Persian soothsayers, who held a different vision of the tart fruit’s purpose in life. She liked to remember that above all else... the pomegranate was, and always would be, the fruit of hope.
— Pomegranate Soup, Marsha Mehran

Our Mission


Greek myths, Persian epics, and modern Turkish New Year's Eve celebrations. In cultures and religions from across the world, throughout history, Pomegranates have symbolised life. Specifically, the idea of rebirth, hope, and prosperity.

By creating a welcoming and supportive space, our programme will begin planting the seeds of hope that newcomers in our society need to rebuild their lives in the UK.

We are founded on the belief that beyond borders, all humans share the same desire to feel safe and valued.

From a few seeds, hope.



We were founded during the final stages of Year Here, a 10-month postgraduate programme in social innovation. During the programme, our founder Shayane was placed at the charity Housing Justice, and worked on their hosting programme.

As a support worker for homeless refugees and asylum seekers, she realised that a lack of welfare support in the midst of a lengthy, difficult asylum system left many isolated, trapped, and with low levels of confidence and wellbeing.

Based on her interest in creativity and art, she began prototyping the early stages of Pomegranate Workshops during the summer of 2018.